Marianne Jongkind heeft een lang gekoesterde wens vervuld om een boek te schrijven over de noodzakelijke technieken die nodig zijn om hoeden te maken.Hat Couture is een duidelijk en fraai boek dat stapsgewijs een beschrijving geeft van diverse technieken. Het boek (208 pagina's) wil een naslag werk zijn dat over de jaren nog toonaangevend moet zijn voor het mooie ambacht van de hoedenmaker. Verkrijgbaar in Engels of Nederlands Prijs 59,- Euro Exclusief verzendkosten  Zie

Marianne Jongkind is a Dutch hat designer  with more than 55 years of experience in hat making.She creates couture hats,both under her own name as well as for established fashion designers.Sharing her knowledge of millinery is something she takes very seriously she is a generous and demanding teacher. All her knowledge is now combined in a workroom technique book called "Hat Couture" The book (208 pages) will be published in English and Dutch and can be enjoyed by everybody interested in hat making, whether you are a beginning or an experienced hat maker, as all the 22 hat projects are explained step by step with clear photos.The publishing of this book fulfills a long-life ambition of Marianne Jongkind and has become a reality thanks to the collaboration with milliner and editor of The Hat Magazine,Elly Stemerdink.The book can ordered by 


CV Marianne Jongkind

Marianne Jongkind started making hats in 1961. Working as a milliner and millinery teacher for over 55 years, she has grown into a notable and idiosyncratic hat designer with a distinct signature. The hats she makes range from experimental to traditional, are always hand made with the best materials and executed with technical perfection. 

Couturiers and fellow designers praise her sophisticated technical design solutions and her eye for detail. Marianne has an unique mastery of the craft of millinery and has thus become a well-known and highly appreciated millinery tutor in the Netherlands.

In 1989, she started making hats for couture shows of the Netherlands’ most famous fashion designers, and continued doing so until this day. Since 2016 she makes hats for the Paris haute couture shows of Dutch designer Ronald van der Kemp, a successful and internationally praised fashion designer.

Marianne participated in many exhibitions and also had a lot of solo exhibitions over the years. In 2002 she was appointed a knight in the order of Oranje-Nassau by Queen Beatrix for her 40 years of contribution to millinery.


“My main source of inspiration is architecture, I love sleek lines and geometric shapes. Besides that, I get inspiration from the materials I use – its quality and colours. When I see a material I like, immediately ideas start popping up in my head. Whatever I eventually will make, I always strive for technical perfection; that’s my signature.

When a fashion designer asks me to design a hat collection for a catwalk show, I usually get sketches and fabric swatches of the outfits. Together we discuss the kind of style they’re looking for regarding the hats. I start by making a toile, which will be tested with the outfit before I start working on the final design. Sometimes a couturier will choose one of my own designs for his or her show.

For exhibitions, there’s usually a theme you can work with. I will first decide on the materials and next start sketching. I always make a sketch before I actually make something.  

The collection that I design for resellers always has a sporty touch. In my collections you will find a lot of caps and fedoras, as they are the kind of hats I like to wear myself. I always put a lot of love in the hats I make. I can’t make something I’m not completely committed to, not for my own collection, not for a couturier.”

Link to :Hoed Couture in Nijmegen (PICTURES)